This Masters Is Extra Special For Caddie, 2-Time Masters Champion

This Masters Is Extra Special For Caddie, 2-Time Masters Champion (Image 1)

By Brad Means

The passage of time cannot take away the impact of this moment and this place…

Carl Jackson, Caddie for Ben Crenshaw: “It's a blessing that I'm here. My emotions are all within these grounds, and some parts of the city.”

Ben Crenshaw, 2-time Masters champion: “I can't be happier for him. We've shared so much at the place. It means the world to us. It's always exciting to come back here. It's like a second home to me.”

Ben Crenshaw and Carl Jackson have a combined 90 years of Masters experience…50 for Jackson, 40 for Crenshaw, and 35 of those years they have been together. No year was greater than 1995…the putt, the embrace, the release.

Jackson: “It was something that just happened. I was already leaving the green and something happened, and I was going back at the flag and there was Ben. I'm sure it was not a whole lot of seconds, but it felt like a few minutes.”

A few minutes that make up a lifetime of memories here…

Crenshaw: “It's the biggest thing in my life in competitive golf. My first time was 1972, and when I got here first, I said 'I'd love to win here someday.' And, I feel fortunate, I really do.”

And after 3 and a half decades, Ben and Carl are so much more than pro and caddy.

Jackson: “We're closer than brothers. I have several brothers, but Ben and I are just as close, or closer, in many ways.”

Brad Means, reporting: “Ben Crenshaw and Carl Jackson…a successful relationship on the course, to be sure. But, you know what? We found it's not unlike successful long-term relationships off the course.”

Like Pete and Louise Saari…

Pete Saari, Masters patron: “She's not only my wife…she's my best friend, and we do everything together.”

This week, they'll celebrate the Masters with friends. This fall, they'll celebrate 45 years of wedded bliss. How'd they do it?

Louise Saari, Pete's wife: “My husband travelled most of the time (laughs). No, I just think it's partnership, 50-50. He supports me and i support him.”

Just like Ben and Carl…

Pete Saari: “I think, from a caddie standpoint, you have to have the finesse, if you would, to talk to a professional, guide them, make suggestions, and make sure he's got the right positive attitude in order to play the game. So, I think it's somewhat like a husband and wife.”

Congratulations to the Saaris, the Jacksons, and the Crenshaws…fine examples of how to form successful partnerships that last a lifetime.

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