New Rules Designed To Protect Airline Passengers From Extra Fees

New Rules Designed To Protect Airline Passengers From Extra Fees (Image 1)

By Archith Seshadri

Boarding a flight is a little different these days. Travelers not only have restrictions on what can be brought on a plane…but there are also extra fees for things like checking bags.

Beverly Pyle, Augusta flyer: “You know, it's not as easy. You have to get [here] a lot earlier. You can't bring a bottle of water. You have to buy that at the airport, which is another few bucks there.”

Travelers like Beverly Pyle say having extra fees added on to your flight ticket can get confusing.

Pyle: “It is just getting ridiculous charging for everything. I know they are trying to make money but at the same time, just have 1 ticket price.”

And, with recent changes issued by the U.S. Department Of Transportation, travelers may not have to worry about those fees. You may get a refund if an airline loses your luggage, and airlines must include all fees and taxes on their websites, including fees for changing your flight, seat upgrades, and costs to check in bags.

Susan Webb, visiting Augusta: “I think it's great. The public should be informed of what those fees are.”

Pyle: “I looked at my flight and there was an additional 63 dollars.”

Also new…international flights that are stuck on runways will have a 4-hour limit before they have to go back to the gate, and more airports across the country will have to report delays on the tarmac.

Pyle: “You are paying for the ticket so you should have those certain amenties included in that price.”

Webb: “I think it's great because situtations like this are stressful and even a kind word can be compensation when you are traveling and you don't know what to expect, and you have unexpected bumps in the road.”

Most of the rulings won’t go into effect for another 120 days.

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