WJBF EXTRA: Augusta Actor Hits It Big

WJBF EXTRA: Augusta Actor Hits It Big (Image 1)

Augusta, GA (WJBF) – You’ve seen the HBO Emmy winning series ‘Boardwalk Empire’, but you may not know Travis Elkins is an Augusta native. So, before we get to where he’s at now…let’s start from the beginning…

Rege Lewis, actor: “One day, I was kind of lolly-gagging heading to class and Mr. Barnes asked Ms. Hampton, ‘Who is this guy?’ And, Ms. Hampton said, ‘that’s DeReginald Lewis and then he said, ‘Hey Hollywood! Let’s get to class.’ And, then from that day forward, he called me ‘Hollywood’ and unbeknownst to me that he was sort of speaking my future into existence.”

Rege says he was introduced to acting by his English instructor…

Rege: “I consider Ms. Gilyard being the angel here on Earth passed the message on from God that let me know what I should be spending the rest of my life doing.”

While working at Kroger, Rege knew he did not want to be a clerk for the rest of his life. Determined to pursue his dream, Rege packed his 1989 Oldsmobile and headed to Hollywood.

Rege: “I said, if I don’t make it within a year, then I’m going back home and I’ll probably me a news anchor because I use to enjoy watching Mary Morrison.”

After eight months, Rege didn’t need to head back to The Garden City to watch ‘Good Morning Augusta’.

Rege: “I booked a recurring role on CBS on a show called ‘The Handler’.

More work followed…a role in a stage play…and that prompted some advice from a good friend to move to New York and study with the esteemed Bill Esper at The Conservatory.

Rege: “And from there, I ended up being cast in a film executive produced by Spike Lee called ‘You’re Nobody Until Somebody Kills You’.”

He says he could start to see his career unfold…

Rege: “I now have a recurring role on HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’.”

All of his hard work and determination has made his dreams come true.

Rege: “To work with Spike Lee was a dream of mine, as well, but to work on HBO’s Emmy winning series ‘Boardwalk Empire’, and to have a recurring role…and you have Martin Scorse, Terrence Winter, Tim Van Patton. and those guys…with Mark Walberg and to work with those guys, awe man, it’s more than a dream come true!”

With seeing brief success, Rege is very proud of the direction his acting career in going, but even moreso of where he is from.

Season 2 of ‘Boardwalk Empire” is currently airing on HBO, and Rege’s next appearance in that show will be November 20th.

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