WJBF EXTRA: Understanding Twitter Etiquette

By Archith Seshadri

Taylor Frazier loves to follow people on Twitter.

Taylor Frazier, Tweeter: “I follow a pigeon, he’s always perching on things. I follow a bear. I don’t know what he is to be honest. But, he just says the same thing over and over again.”

Frazier tweets 140 characters at a stretch.

Frazier: “I Tweet 9 million times a day and Tweet about everything. I Tweet about my job, or my friends. It’s better than text messaging kind of…”

Frazier says don’t Tweet about coworkers, or your job.

Frazier: “And, to my face my coworker was very polite, but she forgot we followed each other on Twitter and started blasting me. And, I was like, 'can you say two-faced?”

Those who Tweet for their business, like Kenny Adams, say don’t spam your followers and stick to the 140-character limit.

Kenny Adams, uses Twitter for work: “You know, if people are out there trying to write a paper, on a specific topic, and you are just clogging up a stream, that’s not what Twitter is for. Go post it on Facebook, or blog, and then Tweet the link so people can see your full post.”

Tuttie Ross, Twitter user: “I unfollow people that retweet. I unfollow celebrities because I don’t want my Twitter line filled with retweets.”

Twitter is about creating a conversation. Experts say add value when you post, retweet interesting posts, and avoid profanity.

Adams: “Getting too personal, honestly, not everyone needs to know you are going to the bathroom.”

Ross: “I go by your Twitter name. If your Twitter name is out of control, I won't follow you.”

Frazier: “Don’t put people's names, don’t bring your drama, like work drama, employers will see that and you suffer the repercussions. Just keep it classy.”

And if you want to keep a conversation private, use the direct messaging feature.

You can also protect your Tweets so that not everyone can view them, and you can block spammers or unfollow them.

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