WJBF EXTRA: Jennie’s List Part 1

WJBF EXTRA: Jennie's List Part 1 (Image 1)

By Jennie Montgomery

What does it take for a product to make Jennie's List? First of all, a trip to the store– not only for the most popular As Seen On TV items, but for grocery goods to test all the kitchen products.

We'll be putting 9 items to the test. You see them all the time on tv… beginning with the “Always Fresh Containers,” that claim to save you money by eliminating wasted food.

Jennie Montgomery, reporting: “The manufacturer says these green containers keep your fresh produce longer than other packaging, so we're gonna take this bagged salad -I'm gonna put about half of it into a green container- and we're gonna check it again in a week. It also says strawberries will stay fresh up to 20 days in the green containers, so I'm going to take some out of the grocery store package and we'll check them again in 10.”

Next up: the one that makes you want to slap the guy in the commercial: the Slap Chop!

Chris O'Conner: “After a few times, they'll be big chunks and they'll get stuck in the blades, push them back down in here and chop them 5 or 6 more times and they'll come out like this.”

Peanuts, anyone??

“It says Slap Chop…I'm gonna slap!”

Onions passed the Slap Chop test–

Jennie: “Well I can tell you one think I like about that: no tears!”

Tomatoes were a problem… but not as big a problem as chocolate: we tested the Baker's brand that many of you use for your holiday goodies.

Dominic Lee: “If you use chocolate, it's gonna be a one-time use because it's no good now.”

Who doesn't want a natural looking tan anytime with Secret Glo? Fair-skinned Stephanie French was game to give the premeasured tanning gloves a try!

Stephanie French: “I'm going to try it out on my left arm… that looks very messy- very messy! Very wet. They are reusable so I'm putting it back in the bag.”

Stephanie did not like the smell, but she did like the results she saw 24 hours later. We'll check back to see if it lasts for 10 days.

We've called in the experts to test what's supposed to be a big item for Christmas: the do-it-yourself Wuggle Pets! We're also checking out the plastic bottle tops that turn soda cans into bottles… the microwave Pasta Boat… that easy-looking button fixer, the Buttoneer… and Fast Brite headlight cleaner.

See the results as Jennie's List continues, next week– same time, same place!

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