WJBF EXTRA: Jennie’s List Part 2

WJBF EXTRA: Jennie's List Part 2 (Image 1)

By Jennie Montgomery

Last week we put 8 of the As Seen on TV biggest-sellers to the test… and tonight, you'll see the results and find out which ones make the grade on “Jennie's List.”

“I love mine!”

“I like mine, too”

Bottle Top! Billed as the “incredible snap-on attachment” that turns soda cans into bottles and will “keep your soda carbonated with its tight leak-proof seal.”

The cap snapped on easily, and 7 hours into my non-scientific experiment, the opened can was flat… but the can with the Bottle Cap was still fizzy after 10 hours.

“Not spillproff”

You've really got to snap it hard.

“Yeah, it works!”

Yep, Bottle Ttop is Jennie's List approved!

These Always Fresh Containers claim to save you money by keeping food fresh longer. The box boldly states that strawberries will stay fresh up to 20 days.

“So I'm going to take some out of the grocery store package and we'll check them again in 10.”

Broccoli was fresh after a week, peppers, carrots, and onions were too. but look at the bagged salad: it was gross after a week- no better than storing it in its original packaging.

Bread was fresh after a week… but so was the bread we left in the bag.

And those strawberries? We planned to check at day 10, but peeked at one week. Yuck! Since strawberries didn't survive for even half as long as the box suggested, we're giving Always Fresh the thumbs-down.

Next up: the Slap Chop! We loved it at first. It worked great on carrots, peanuts and onions. But weren't pleased with the way it chopped tomoatoes, and our fifth item -chocolate- flat destroyed it. In our shop… Sap Chop was a flop!

The microwave Pasta Boat looks too good to be true: just measure your pasta, add the right amount of water, and pop it in the microwave. Voila. Oops!! If we'd read the directions thoroughly, we'd have seen the line that tells you not to cover the pasta as it cooks!

No big pots, no big mess, no separate colander… we're definitely adding the Pasta Boat to Jennie's List.

Fair-skinned Stephanie was game to give the premeasured Secret Glo tanning gloves a try! She didn't like the smell but was impressed with the results she saw 24 hours later. The box says the tan will last for 10 days: 7 days later there wasn't a trace. Secret Glo gets a “no.”

Then there's that easy-looking button fixer, The Buttoneer.

After several attempts we figured out how the thread the plastic fastner through the tool… and it did attach the button.

We'll add The Buttoneer to Jennie's List, because it does (eventually) do what the commercial says… but it's way more trouble than it's worth.

We called in the experts to test the do-it-yourself Wuggle Pets!

These kids had seen the ads for the furry little keychain pets and with the help of an 11-year-old, could fill the container with stuffing and “magic dust” and turn the handle to create their own toy.

Parents will love the fact that it doesn't require batteries… just a little patience and sprinkle or two of glittery confetti! The product works like it does on TV and gets our stamp of approval.

And finally: Fast Brite, the product that says it will restore your headlights to showroom bright. It's an easy 2-step process. We tried it on 4 cars…. nobody could tell much of a difference. You can see for yourself in this side-by-side “before and after” that the lights are about the same.

Were we amazed at the difference?

Fast Brite isn't right… for Jennie's List!

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