Buddy Check 6: Finding Breast Cancer Early

Buddy Check 6: Finding Breast Cancer Early (Image 1)

By Kimberely Scott

It's a tradition for Jeannine Mills to set the table for Sunday dinner with her 6-year-old granddaughter, Kaitlyn.

Another tradition is to get a yearly mammogram. A few months after her clean bill of health, Jeannine said she felt a pain in her chest. “By the middle of January, I thought, 'this is not right', and so I called and they got me a diagnostic mammogram and so that's when we found out,” Jeannine recalls.

The team at University Hospital worked fast….a biopsy 3 hours after she walked into the doctor's office. After 24 hours, her cancer was confirmed and the next week she was in surgery.

“I was blessed. The day we got the ultrasound, they were able to tell me my tumor was 7 millimeters and I knew it was very small and I knew it was a good thing,” Jeannine said.

Jeannine says her strength comes from her faith and spending time with family. She says education helps with the journey.

University Hospital's Breast Health Center gave her books and answered questions, no matter what they were.

“And so, the first one on the top of the list was…I'm crying and said, 'can I use deodorant?' And, he validated that as if I had asked anything,” said Jeannine.

Married for 28 years, Jeannine had a lumpectomy, surgery, and radiation.

She's retired now and healthy…and looking forward to continuing this tradition with Kaitlyn well into her life.

For more information on breast cancer and to read other breast cancer surivors' stories, visit our Buddy Check 6 page.

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