Golden Apple: Coach Anthony Stevens

Golden Apple: Coach Anthony Stevens (Image 1)

By Brad Means

The gym is like a second home for Coach Anthony Stevens. Here's what he has to say about his love for teaching P.E.

“When I was coming up, I loved to play. And some of my biggest inspirations were my physical ed teachers and my coaches. So it's just a natural. I think I decided back when I was in 8th grade that I wanted to be a physical ed teacher and a coach. And I never changed my mind.”

What does change in here—the students' abillity to learn how to stay in shape.

Coach talked to me about the criteria these kids face.

“A lot more running, a lot more structured exercise. They don't get to just play as much, now they have to actually get into a physical fitness program.”

You can count on Coach to not just talk the talk. He says he practices what he preaches. He eats right and exercises.

What a great inspiration–a teacher who loves what he does and who gets just as much as he gives.

“I just like watching the young people develop. Sometime you are actually able to contribute more than you think. Just a word, encouragement. I think the thing that my students have told me, they like the fact that I get excited about what they're doing. And they like the fact that we usually form a personal relationship. Even though, they call me the mean old man, I really like kids. I like students. I think they realize that. Children have a way of knowing if you're real or not. And I think they think I'm real.”


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