Scholar Athlete: Carson Crowley

By Stephanie French

Playing sports is no stranger to Carson Crowley. When she became a Lakeside Panther, 3 sports stood out as her strong points: track, volleyball and swimming.

Carson has been on the school's swim team all four years and is a captain on the volleyball squad. Her leadership role shows in everything she does.

“I have been doing sports all my life. It is a family thing. Everyone has their own little sport, but I like to try them all and like to be diverse,” Crowley says.

Her parents say it is important for their daughter to have an outlet outside of school.

“I think having all these sports has helped her be very disciplined with school work and keeping everything well balanced,” says Janet Crowley, Carson's mother.

Carson has been active since she was 5 years old. She has taken part in a number of sports, including pole vaulting and soccer on top of the 3 in high school. Dave and Janet Crowley say it is all self-motivation. They would involve her in any sport at a young age that Carson was interested in.

Her coaches, teammates and classmates all say she stays positive, even through the hardest times.

Maureen McCormack, head volleyball coach for Lakeside says Carson takes the bad and turns it good.

“She handles criticism very constructively… learns and grows from it.”

Carson's swim coach, Sarah Wexler, sees the same positivity in Carson.

“She’s a very personable person, she’s always willing to talk to people and she’s very excited about what she’s doing, and that’s what makes her stand out,” says Wexler.

Standing out also means trying new things, not just sports. Her senior project is studying sign language. It's something Carson says she has always been interested in and wants to be more involved in that type of communication with others.

Carson's track coach, Derrick Myers, says Carson's choices impact others around her.

“I know when Carson is there, she's going to be doing what she's supposed to be doing and the kids are going to follow what she does,” says Myers.

Her parents say their student athlete has the gift to see the best in people as she works on being the best she can be.

Carson is looking to attend either the University of Georgia, Mercer or Clemson to study Neo-Natal Nursing.

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