Scholar Athlete: Megan Murphy

By Stephanie French

You can say Megan Murphy is an inspiration to her family, friends, coaches and fellow athletes. The soccer, softball and swimming standout defeated the odds of cancer at a very young age.

“I was diagnosed when I was about 2 and I went thru treatment for 2 years. I'm missing a muscle in my leg now and I did chemotherapy and radiation,” says Megan.

Her mother, Sharon Murphy says, “a lot of times she'll come home and she'll have to ice her leg every night, but the next day she'll get right back up and do it again.”

Current head softball coach at Grovetown says Megan's battle inspires his team. “That's something we don't make excuses that we can't do something. You just do it, because look at Megan.”

But Megan doesn't let that set her apart from her teammates. It is something that motivates her to push harder.

“I don't like feeling different and all my friends know that. When we're running two miles and I'm lagging behind, they'll joke with me and try to keep me going.”

Former head softball coach, Bill Madigan, coached Megan for 3 years. He recalls a time in particular that her desire to compete with everyone else showed.

“We played a game her sophomore year I actually had her in the outfield because we were so desperate. She never complained, never said a word. She knew that wasn't her strong suit just because of her running is not compared to everyone else, but she went out there and played her hardest,” says Madigan.

“She struggles a little running, but other than that, there's not a lot of difference,” says Megan's father, Greg Murphy.

Megan says her cancer is the reason she tries to stay active. “I don't have to worry about that affecting me in life, I can do everything else others can do,” she says.

Although she competes in 3 sports, it's academics that Megan is focused on. Those come first before he athletics. “That is what is most important to me because I know that is what is going to get me scholarships that's what's going to get me scholarships.”

Madigan says Megan is a hard worker and never quit while he coached her. She was “always dependable and always there. She's someone you can lean on and know that she can set the example for others.”

Megan would like to attend Duke University to study Onocology. She says her battle through cancer inspired her to want to help kids going through what she went through.

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