Augusta & The Pope Six Degrees of Separation

Augusta & The Pope Six Degrees of Separation (Image 1)

John Godwin was heading to his favorite convenience store, he was on a mission.

“They got some great hotdog's in there; lunch,” said John

“Are they heavenly,” we asked, “heavenly you can say that,” John said.

We'll say that because John's store is Popes that's right Popes.

“Are you here for the new pope or the hot dogs, we asked John?

 “The hot dogs,” he said.

On Wednesday there was the election of Pope Francis. to a huge celebration.

And in Augusta there was a good crowd parading out on Pope Avenue today.

We caught up with Heather Jones who works in the area, but she said she wasn't on Pope Avenue in tribute to the new pontiff.

“No I didn't think about it no connection,” she said.

Come on the Pope and Augusta six degrees of separation right.

“I'm not really sure what he would have to do with Augusta,” said Roy Hudson.

Pope Francis is historic because he's the first and only pope from South America, he's from Argentina.

Angel Cabrera made history when he became the first South American Masters Champion, where's he from….. wait for it…. Argentina.

“That's a connection right it is,” said Hudson.

There's a Popes store in Augusta and a Pope Avenue but who would be the man in Augusta.

” I really can't say who would be pope of Augusta, said a man downtown.  

By his position he pope is considered infallible, some might say unbending   inflexible, critics might even call him mulish, and his word is law.

That kind of iron handed leadership goes with being Pope, so anyone around here fill the bill.   

“No, I know where you're going and I can't go there,” said Heather.

I confess, I'm not sure what she mean.

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