Josey High Teacher in Trouble Over Racial Slur

For 26 years, Lori Myles has educated the youth of Richmond County. Recently,
one of her lessons took a controversial turn using flyers that highlighted the N
word in them.

Dr. Frank Roberson, Superintendent for Richmond County Schools explains
how. “It was brought to our attention through the principal. Of course, students
and parents presented the concerns to the principal. The principal notified

Dr. Roberson sprung into action, issuing the written reprimand that you see
here. The goal?

 “Establish the issue and how it violated policy and practice,” adds

Offenses that extended far beyond the walls of T.W. Josey High School.

Breanna Deany, a student says, “you're supposed to be setting an example for
these kids. So, why would you use that word?”

Calvin Cook, a resident, adds “that's like a bad influence for them

Some parents even feel that it doesn't matter if the students are saying it
or not.

Parents like Kenneth Daniel say “well, if students use it all the time they
should be punished too. It started in the upbringing and whether she teaches it
in the class or not, she shouldn't be using the word.”

Dr. Myles she only wanted the students to think and analyze if the word for
anyone to use.

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