CADI Making A Comeback

Newtown Public Safety Officers, More Attend Stress Sessions In Augusta (Image 1)

It's been nearly three months since the CADI cleanup crews have been on downtown streets, and supporters say they can tell.

“Everything from dirty diapers to a billion cigarette butts as one property owner was quoted as saying we would like to get it back as clean as it was last year we miss it,” says Paul King a member of the Clean Downtown Augusta Imitative Board.

But Some downtown businesses are not missing CADI because they were being taxed to pay for the cleanup service.

“We don't need CADI if you look downtown is clean the city did a fantastic job with the ST. Patrick's Day holiday and it shows what the city can do,” said Michael Walraven, a downtown business owner and opponent of the CADI program, and the Business Improvement District that was created five years a ago to fund it.

Last December the city did in CADI by not voting to keep it going.

However the minutes of the meeting show that both the votes to renew and deny were five to four, and it takes six votes to pass something on the commission.

So  CADI didn't die last December.

“The commission vote was five to four in favor of the CADI program it takes six votes to renew it and at least one commissioner was absent so the CADI board voted to do one more run at it,” says King.

“I don't think it should be brought back at all we don't need it were clean downtown,” says Walraven.

In December commissioners did not vote to renew it even though supporters had the signatures of a majority of property owners downtown to continue it, and King says those signatures are still in play to get CADI approved.

“The petitions are still good and the 52 percent of property owners who voted in favor that's still valid,” said King.

King says the CADI Board made changes to the CADI management plan to increase representation of the downtown property owners, one of the criticisms last time.

 Also there is one district, with property owners paying the same tax.

The item is not on the agenda, for Tuesday's meeting however Commissioner Bill Fennoy who wasn't on the board in December says he wants to add it to Tuesday scheduled.

That would require unanimous consent to get it on the agenda, and that isn't likely.

” I don't think I will support it,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.


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