Augusta Catering Company in Trouble for Liquor Sales

Augusta Catering Company in Trouble for Liquor Sales (Image 1)

An Augusta catering Company is in hot water after the Georgia Department of Revenue launched an investigation into the company operating without a liquor license.

Agents went to Roux's Catering Service on Jones Street, in Augusta, Thursday and confronted the owner, Robert Williams, about operating a without a license and illegally buying liquor in South Carolina then transporting it to Georgia to sell.

According to the state incident report, Williams admitted to transporting liquor across state lines, saying it was cheaper.

He could face criminal charges

Nearly a year after her wedding, Brandy Gibson's heart still flutters when she thinks about that day…but not for the reason you may think.

Jillian Benfield: “How was your experience with this catering company?”

“Horrible, extremely horrible.”

Brandi used Roux's Catering for her wedding reception. She says as she and her new husband were leaving their party with their wedding clothes on and sparklers in hand, she got stopped by someone from Roux's and was told to pay up, “I was told I could not leave until I paid because someone was going to get into trouble.”

She says the bill was much higher than she expected.
Now, after learning that the Department of Revenue says Roux's got that alcohol illegally, she's reliving that moment all over again, “That angers me that I wasn't aware of that.”

According to this state report, the Department of Revenue has video of Roux's workers using company vans to go over the state line to buy alcohol and bring it back. According to the report, Owner Robert Williams told agents he did it because it was cheaper. Also making things cheaper…

Jillian Benfield: “In 15 years you never remember Roux's having a liquor license?”

Rob Sherman: “No.”

Sherman is the Deputy Director of Augusta's License and Inspections Department. He says for a beer, wine and a liquor license it costs businesses nearly 5,000 a year in local fees. And a 3% tax per liquor drink they sell.

That's money he says the city has been missing out on.
We tried to ask Williams about the state's allegations, we were told he had no comment.

“You need to follow the rules and eventually if you don't it's going to catch up with you,” said Sherman.

Sherman says it really doesn't pay to cheat on your licensing fees. He says it usually makes it much harder for rule breakers to get a license the second time around.

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