1 Year Later, Pregnant Mother’s Murder Still Unsolved

It's been one year since a Burke County Mother was shot and killed. The crime happened last March at Amy Ellison's Girard home. Ellison was expecting her 4th child. Deputies believe whoever murdered her never wanted that child to enter this world.

One year later, the tears still pour out from the family of Amy Ellison, “It's just awful with Amy gone,” said Amy's Mother Marilynn.

Someone shot and killed this mother of three, and soon to be 4, in the middle of the night last year at her Girard home while her three children were inside.

“Their mother is gone for no reason at all, she was a wonderful mother to those girls and she was wonderful to everybody and there was no reason that had to happen at all,” said Marilynn.

Investigators have no doubt about the murderer's motive, “Somebody did not want her to have this child which lead to her being shot.” Sgt. Dedric Smith says this is one of the most complicated cases he's ever been a part of, but there is new hope. Nearly a year after the crime they finally have DNA evidence back from the state lab. Amy's family hopes it will help bring this case to a close.

“It's tore us apart, we don't sleep good at night and there's not an hour that goes by every day for the past year that I haven't thought about her,” said her sister Angell.

“My girls and me we suffer every day and they're still with their families, they need to be put away,” said Marilynn.

Angell said it's been hard living in the town where her sister was murdered, “Knowing that this person is walking or riding by me…they're still free and she's not here.”

if you have any information that could help investigators solve this case, call the Burke County Sheriff's Office at (706) 554-2133 there is a reward.

Burke County Investigators say there's not a day that goes by where the community doesn't ask about this case.

They say even though they're confident the DNA evidence will help them solve the murder, they really need someone to come forward to help the close the case for good.

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