Golden Apple: Mary Frances Young

The school year is winding down, but Mary Frances Young and her students continue to work hard.

“We're covering common core standards and we are learning amazing stuff this year,” she says.

Before she came to Chukker Creek, Mrs. Young taught art for 20 years.  

She tells us, “I adore children. And I love art. And I love watching them grown and learn.”

And they've changed a lot since they started in here way back in August.

see growth every moment of the day. From the time they come in the
morning until they leave in the afternoon.  They grow and learn and
it's very exciting,” she says.

Way to go Mary Frances Young.  An outstanding teacher who credits an outstanding team at Chukker Creek.

says, “We have an amazing support staff. I love my coworkers, and the
staff here is just amazing. They inspire me as well as the students.”

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