Church Puzzled By Stolen Jesus Statue

Church Puzzled By Stolen Jesus Statue (Image 1)

Richmond County Investigators are trying to figure out who would steal a statue of Jesus. The statue is missing from an exterior wall at the “Church of the Good Shepherd” on Walton Way in Augusta. Church staff say they are more puzzled about the theft than they are upset.

This all comes the week before Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I went over to the “Church of the Good Shepherd” to talk with the staff there. Even though the statue has been there for more than 14 years, they are not getting angry about its disappearance, instead, they are trying to laugh about it.

If you're looking for Jesus, you won't find him where he use to be at the Church of the Good Shepherd. Reverend Robert Fain says that someone may have stolen a Jesus statue that was mounted on the side of the building.

Fain – “And I guess what they really had to do was lift it up and pull it off, but I guess they just pulled it.”

Miller – “So the back of it may be damaged?”

Fain – “Maybe a little bit.”

Fain says he realized the five foot statue was missing on Tuesday night. Although the statue is gold in color, it's not made of gold. It's actually made of fiberglass and resin… and Fain says it's worth about three thousand dollars.

“You know you have the thefts of metal these days, so I'm wondering if whoever took it, of course, it could be a prank, but whoever took it thought it was metal rather than resin,” says Fain.

Woodlawn Methodist is located next to the church and they have security cameras. Over the next few days they are going to review that footage to try to see if they can come up with a suspect.

In an effort to make light of the situation, church staff posted a picture on Facebook asking for people to post biblical verses to describe the situation. Some of them include “I go to prepare a place for you” and “he withdrew himself into the wilderness and prayed” and of course, “thou shalt not steal.” With Good Friday being a little more than a week away, Fain says he's waiting for the Jesus statue to return.

“You know a good prank obviously, would be to take him away and bring him back on Easter or something like that. So that may be going on. Holy week begins on Sunday so,” says Fain.

Fain says if the statue isn't returned, they will replace it.

“We are fortunate and we have a lot of nice people here and we have the resources and insurance and all that, so we will be able to take care of it,” says Fain.

Fain says there has been very little vandalism or theft at the church during his 30 years there. The Richmond County Sheriff's Office is investigating this case, so if you have any information about the statue, please give them a call.

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