Donation To Allow Installation Of Savannah River Water Quality Monitoring Devices

Donation To Allow Installation Of Savannah River Water Quality Monitoring Devices (Image 1)

Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy has received a $150,000 donation to install water quality monitoring devices along the Savannah River.

Anyone in the world can now check the temperature for the Savannah River for free, and it is a big upgrade that allows real-time monitoring for 200 miles worth of river.

“…Like going to the doctor. The doctor will take your pulse, which is a general parameter of your overall health. These parameters are the general overall health for the Savannah River,” says Dr. Oscar Flite, who is the vice president for Research at Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy.

The device will take the “pulse” of the Savannah River. It has probes on the end of it and it takes measurements every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. It's a lot of data that is constantly being recorded and streamed online through the device's modem.

“Actually, everything gets funneled right to your own computer and anybody can check it. And, in fact, this opportunity creates an opportunity for everybody to become a citizen scientist on the Savannah River,” says Dr. Flite.

Whether it be for recreation, or science, there's one measurement that everyone is interested in…

Jason Nappi, reporting: “The most important part about this new device…they can now measure the temperature of the Savannah River in real-time. It even has a solar panel that replaces thousands of these C-cell batteries.”

“The ability for anybody in the river to know what the temperature is, to know what those basic components are of the river is very important to everybody,” says Dr. Flite.

It's also important to save on cost. Dr. Flite says the biggest recurring cost is with the people that go out to take measurements on the river. Having these new devices also means saving a lot of time and money. “Make fewer trips out to the river or to go out and cover when something is wrong…when we don't miss that data the efficiency is much better,” he says.

Dr. Flite says they hope to have the public website up in a few weeks.

For more information, please visit the following websites: (case sensative)

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