Graystone Ranch Still Struggling After Fire

Graystone Ranch Still Struggling After Fire (Image 1)

It's been nearly 4 months since a fire struck the Graystone Ranch Wildlife Education Center in Hephzibah. The ranch lost 15 years worth of feed and supplies.

Rusty Eskew, Owner of Graystone Ranch Wildlife Education Center, says “After you get over the, oh my what am I gonna do factor, it was okay we gotta keep going.”

Eskew is still struggling to recover from an early morning New Year's Eve fire that destroyed his feed supply for the animals. From a Siberian tiger, to snakes, goats, and horses, they all need to eat.

Eskew says, “I wish that there was a new building standing there now and I wish it was full of feed and supplies. But, we're gonna continue to get up every day and go to work and do what we have to do to take care of what we have, and hopefully take care of anything else comes down our driveway that's in need.”

Eskew says not one of the animals has missed a meal since the fire. But, times are tough and he says there's still a long way to go.

Eskew says, “We've had an enormous response. We've had a lot of people to make pledges and pledges are great, but pledges only work if the pledge comes through.”

He says the pledges to help feed these animals are nice, but he needs actual bags of feed or money to buy feed.

Eskew says, “You can call and say you're gonna help me and I really appreciate everything that everyone has ever done for me. But it takes a little more than saying I'm going to. So the response has been a little slower.”

It's been so rough since the fire that the Easter celebration has been postponed.

Eskew says, “Those funds had to be utilized to keep the doors open to keep the animals taken care of because we've had so many things to overcome.”

To make a donation or to see a list of what supplies the Graystone Ranch needs, visit

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