Developing on 6: GRU Eyeing Downtown Properties for Campus Expansion

Developing on 6: GRU Eyeing Downtown Properties for Campus Expansion (Image 1)

From Georgia Regents University:

Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver, along with Mayor Pro Tem Corey Johnson and Commissioners Alvin Mason, Mary Davis and Donne Smith laid out a vision that includes Augusta hosting “the next great American University.”

The Augusta Regional Collaboration (ARC) Project laid out plans to University officials on behalf of Commissioners that would create a “Mills Campus” and “Downtown Cultural Campus.”  The two entities would include the footprints of Sibley and King Mills.

According to Mayor Copenhavor, advantages of this proposal would include nearby downtown amentities close in proximity to the university's Health Sciences Campus, the Kroc Center and the Savannah River.

Commissioners backing the project are looking to the project to transform the downtown area of Augusta.  Commissioner Donnie Smith states, “Having GRU expand some of its footprint in Harrisburg will transform the neighborhood, increase safety and push our city in the direction it needs to go.  change can be difficult, but lok into your hearts and understand this is a generational opportunity for us.”  Mayor Pro-Tem, Corey Johnson echcos Smith's enthusiasm by stating, “One of the biggest problems we have as a city is retaining young people.  This is a key opportunity for our city and for our university to fix that problem.”

GRU President, Ricardo Azziz, thanked the Mayor and the commissioners for their time and support and reiterated the fact that potential expansion plans must recieve approval from the University System of Georgia before moving forward.




The city of Augusta is proposing to offer downtown property to Georgia Regents University (GRU). 

WJBF News Channel 6 has learned the site for a GRU downtown campus would be Sibley Mill and King Mill, both properties currently owned by the Augusta Canal Authority. 

Augusta Commissioners have been briefed on the plan since January and members of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents and GRU officials have toured the two mills.



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