Items from local store given to Food Bank

Items from local store given to Food Bank (Image 1)

On Tuesday an Augusta store owner was evicted after failing to pay his landlord. Hundreds of neighbors showed up in hopes of getting the food and clothing left outside.  The crowds were not allowed to get any of the items. Many of them were angry and feared the food would go to waste. WJBF News Channel 6's Dee Griffin found out, that's not the case.

Crews typically used to tear down structures.. spent the day loading up boxes of items.  Items that once filled store shelves are now in boxes. Pounds of soft drinks and household items that once lined the store aisles are lining the inside of a truck.

These are remnants from a store's demise but will be used to nourish area families. Demolition and clean up is routine for Thompson Wrecking. Tuesday the company answered a call to pick up what had been put out on the curb.  Danny Barcomb of Thompson Wrecking says, “the meat was starting to smell and some of the vegetables and all that there was no way that we could do anything with it. They had been thrown in boxes and you just couldn't use it.”

After sorting out the good from the bad, the company was faced with a decision on what to do with the food. So, they turned to the Golden Harvest Food Bank for help. Travis McNeal is the Executive Director the Golden Harvest Food Bank.  He explains, “well that food is going to come back to the food bank tomorrow and we don't know how much it is yet but any amount is worth getting back out to our pantries so we're so grateful for Hiram Thompson and Thompson wrecking for making that decision to call us.”

That decision means dozens of people will get fed.. Turning a bad situation into something good.

By phone, the store owner explained that his eviction stems from his inability to get a vendor license for WIC.  He applied for the license two years ago, but he says he's been giving the run around and hasn't been granted the license.

Mr. Choi also says he lost more than one hundred thousand dollars in goods yesterday.

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