The Master Safety Plan for Masters Week

The Master Safety Plan for Masters Week (Image 1)

Masters Week is less than two weeks away, but before the golfers tee off…there's a lot of work to be done.

Part of the Master Plan of Masters Week is to make sure you and guests stay safe.

The pros aren't the only ones practicing and prepping before making their first drive at the Augusta National…so are Augusta Leaders.

Captain Scott Gay, with theRichmond County Sheriff's Office, says he's been working on the Masters Master Plan for the past year, “It's a huge event, the world is watching Augusta, Georgia that week.”

Captain Gay's job during Masters Week is two-fold: to keep both the people who live here and the thousands of guests who come to visit Augusta safe. “It's very hectic, for the most part. We're crossing our T's and dotting our I's to make sure every aspect of our plan is in position,” he says.

Captain Gay says they face major challenges during the tournament: he says they need more patrols to prevent thefts and more security to work at hotels, bars and restaurants. To do that means the managing of hundreds of not only Richmond County Sheriff's Office deputies, but other local, state and federal law enforcement officers who come in to work.

“Making sure we have the right people doing the right job and performing it to the best of our abilities,” Capt. Gay says.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office isn't the only agency working overtime. Visitors also stay in surrounding counties like Columbia County. Captain Steve Morris, with the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, says they will continue to work their 10 beat system…but will increase patrols on the roads and in neighborhoods, “Just increased visibility, public service announcements, the news as your doing now, just getting the word out,” he says.

Both departments say, even with the world's eyes on Augusta, residents will get the same protection they have the other 51 weeks out of the year. Captain Gay says they will also be running several undercover operations during Masters week targeting specific crimes that normally come along with Masters Week.

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