Local Christianity popularity growth

Local Christianity popularity growth (Image 1)

Over the past three weeks, people across the nation have been watching “the Bible” mini-series. It's become a phenomenon of sorts with ratings well above popular secular shows like American Idol. News Channel Six's Dee Griffin has a closer look at why there's a spike in viewer ship.

Recently.. millions of people waited and watched the process of electing a Pope. A great number of people glued to televisions to see the new Pontiff were not Catholic. Now, a mini-series called “the Bible” has captured the attention of 10 million viewers each week.  Today, I talked with a local Priest about the growing interest in religion and what this says about today's society.

For centuries the church has nourished the souls of sinners and saints.. It has long offered solace and salvation. It's a place where those who are spiritually lost.. to find a home. Father Pablo Migone of St. Joseph Catholic Church explains, “people are searching. People are looking and Christianity definitely gives them that sense that it gives us peace, it fits who we are as human beings that speaks to our deepest longings.”

Now, a television miniseries on the History Channel is taking the essence of church and bringing it into homes. “The Bible” miniseries has been seen by more than ten million viewers each night. The series starts from the beginning of time and chronicles the evolution of religion while bringing the people of the bible into real life.

The increased interest in a story that has been told for centuries has raised questions over the relevance of religion in the midst of reality show dominance.  “I think it shows that we're not just looking for something different, we're looking for something deeper,” says Father Migone. He adds the spike in viewership unearths something bigger that can no longer be buried.  “There is an interest, a curiosity that people have and that's an indication of that deep desire in every human being to seek God. To seek something greater.”

The miniseries producers have found a way to use the most powerful medium to take a deliver a message. A message that has quenched the thirst for scripted television while feeding those hungry for spiritual substance. “It's a non-threatening way to become acquainted with the scriptures,” says Father Migone.


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