Local Group Runs 260 Miles To Honor Wounded Warriors

Local Group Runs 260 Miles To Honor Wounded Warriors (Image 1)

It may have been a chilly start to the morning, but that's not stopping a group of local runners from getting ready for a 260 mile trek across the Peach State.

The group of 6 Millen, Georgia men have been training for months and today their big journey begins. They've been running together for awhile and they decided it was time to run for a purpose.

One of those runners is Ray Miller, who is the Assistant Headmaster at Edmund Burke Academy, and also a military veteran. He said that, too often, we may forget about the fact that these young men and women are volunteering their life to fight for our freedom. Having served himself, Miller says that this run will be, by far, one of the biggest accomplishments of his life.

“All of these young men and young women volunteer to serve us. So they're serving us, they're getting wounded, they're coming home with of course, mental problems, they're coming home with one leg or one arm missing and I want us to keep those people in mind,” said Miller, running from Fort Benning to Fort Gordon. “Make sure that we don't forget what they're doing for us every single day. And, while we're going to be uncomfortable for two or three days…four days in this case…those men and women are going to be uncomfortable for the rest of their lives, their lives have changed forever,” he added.

The men have already collected around $1,500, which they'll be splitting between the Wounded Warrior Project and the Fisher House at Fort Gordon. They're set to arrive at Fort Gordon around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. To find out how you can donate to the cause as well as where they'll be running and their intended time of arrival, head to their Facebook page: Benning To Gordon Relay.

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