West Augusta Has Highest Burglary Rate Per Capita in Richmond County

Richmond County investigators are cracking down on crime in
West Augusta. Officers say this part of the county has the highest burglary
rate per capita – and crooks are targeting jewelry and electronics.

Investigators went door to door on West Wheeler Parkway Thursday
night. Investigators say this part of the county has the highest burglary rate
per capita.

Investigators say they've had more than 100 burglaries in
the past year, and 3 just this past weekend.

Around 60 officers handed out to flyers to neighbors in this
area. Their goal – was to teach them how to protect their property and help
report any suspicious activity.  

“Someone was inside my house and I walked in on them. They
made off with $2,000 electronics, computers, cologne. The second time they came
back and stole palm trees,” said Nate Meador.

They say crooks are looking mostly for jewelry, laptops and
notebooks and are urging people to hide any valuables.

“You look at my neighbors door, his door got kicked in. he
got robbed 2 months ago. He never leaves the house and he left for a few
minutes and once he left, they kicked his door,” said Nate Meador.

Investigators say you can do some things to stay safe – lock
up valuables like jewelry, laptops, and notebooks. Write down any serial numbers
and leave the lights or TV on so it looks like someone's at home.

“I have put motion
sensors, lights, locked gates, padlocks, cameras in my house,” said Meador.

Now it's not just homes on West Wheeler Parkway that have
been hit – some of the streets nearby including Roy Road have also been

Investigators say crooks typically knock on the door before
breaking-in to check if anyone's home.

If you see a suspicious car in your neighborhood, make sure
you jot down the license plate because it could crack the case.

Investigators say there are car break-ins in that area but
they are more sporadic.  They are
offering a 2-thousand dollar reward for any information that leads to an

Richmond County investigators say the goal of tonight's
sweep is to raise awareness and deter crooks – and ultimately reduce the number
of burglaries in West Augusta.

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