6 Greenbrier Seniors Face Hearing, 10 Waive Rights

6 Greenbrier Seniors Face Hearing, 10 Waive Rights (Image 1)

It's been 2 weeks since 18 Greenbrier High School students were kicked off the soccer team for underage drinking on a team road trip.

On Friday, some of those students appeared at a hearing in front of the school board.

You may notice some new soccer players on Greenbrier's field. 

“A lot of young players from the JV squad are playing now. They are being baptized by fire,” said Greenbrier High School principal, Chris Seagraves.

The JV squad is filling the void on the team – after 18 of the 25 varsity players were suspended 2 weeks ago.

“I heard about first through teachers and students. I don't think it represents our school well as a whole. I don't think it represents our class well as a whole,” said senior, Sydney White.

The students are accused of underage drinking during a recent school tournament in Jekyll Island.

“Is this going to cost them a spot in the playoffs? I don't know,” said Seagraves.

On Friday, 6 of those suspended students faced a hearing, while 10 of them waived their rights.

That means those 10 will accept whatever punishment the school board decides.

Two other students have withdrawn from the school

“If somebody had not posted it out there, or it was brought to our attention, we would have never known about it,” said Seagraves.

The school principal says the teens bragged about having alcohol on Twitter. Investigators want to find out who provided them with that alcohol.

School leaders are also investigating an alleged hazing incident that happened on that trip.

“This was their decision to do this. They put themselves into this position,” said Seagraves.

“I think it makes people think about our school differently and puts us in a bad light,” said White.

Students say this incident has hurt the school's reputation.

I don't know them personally. I have a couple of them in my class. They seem like nice people but they just made the wrong decision,” said White.

“I think this is a good learning moment for the whole school. There [are] consequences for your action,” said Thomas Coleman.        

“I think it makes our class look irresponsible and not thinking about the future and how that can affect your life,” said White.

Two of the suspended students are back in class at Greenbrier High School.  Some other students are at Columbia County's alternative school. School leaders will not say how many.

The school's soccer coach is expected to comment on Monday.

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