Living Proof Of Organ Donation Changing Lives

Living Proof Of Organ Donation Changing Lives (Image 1)

They are startling statistics. More than 114,000 Americans are waiting for a kidney, pancreas, heart, and/or liver transplants. More than 3,400 of those waiting are Georgians. Thousands more are waiting for tissue transplants. Each year The Means Report takes time to draw attention to the importance of organ donation by showing proof that organ donation indeed makes a difference.

Sherrell Gay and Tracy Ide have seen the difference that organ donation can make, because they have experienced it. Just a year ago, Sherrell and Tracy sat down with Brad. At that time Sherrell was awaiting a second heart because, after a decade, her body began to reject the heart she originally received that saved her life. One year later, Sherrell has a new heart, a new kidney, and was anxiously awaiting the birth of her first grandson.

Tracy, Sherrell's daughter, sees the difference organ donation makes, because of her mother and also because of her work with LifeLink of Georgia. Both women share their personal story of how life can continue even as another ends.

For more informations about organ donation or to become an organ donor you can visit the LifeLink Foundation website.

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