New GRU Program Helps High Schools Students Prepare For College

GRU Pumps $1.8 Billion Into Local Economy (Image 1)

Faculty at Georgia Regents University (GRU) are teaching enrichment courses at area high schools with the hope of preparing students for college.

High School U, a pilot program developed by GRU Professor of Teacher Education Andrew Kemp, sees university faculty teaching 30-minute enrichment courses and sharing their academic specialties with area high school students.

“We hope to show high school students the endless possibilities offered to them in college,” said Dr. Kemp. “We want to give them insight on how higher education is not an extension of high school, but it is an experience that they can create.”

Kemp implemented the program in Columbia County at Lakeside High School in February and session topics included Japanese culture, learning how to properly write a cover letter for college applications, study abroad opportunities, and unique careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The program received such a positive response that many students requested to be transferred into the classes and school officials are offering the program again this semester, April 15-19 and April 22-26.

“Most high school students have a perception of college, but this program gave our students a more in-depth look into the various facets of higher education,” said Dorcas Powell, Assistant Principal at Lakeside High School, “We were very pleased at how receptive the students were to the GRU faculty and we look forward to offering the program again in April.”

Kemp hopes to continue expanding the program to more high schools in Columbia County and in other counties, including Richmond and Burke.

A former high school teacher himself, Kemp is affiliated with several educational organizations and has co-authored numerous articles including his most recent publication Reality Checks: The (De) Evolution of Teacher Attitudes in which was published in Kappa Delta Pi's journal The Educational Forum.

He earned his bachelor's degree in English from the University of South Florida, a master's degree in curriculum and instruction from South Dakota State University, and a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Central Florida.

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