What Good Friday Means to the CSRA

What Good Friday Means to the CSRA (Image 1)

When it comes to Easter, Christians believe
that Jesus truly is the reason for the season and it is more than Easter egg
hunts and chocolate bunnies. That's why folks at St. Paul's Episcopal Church of
Augusta say their Good Friday service is a memorial not a celebration.

“It wasn't just the
sin of people a long time ago that put Jesus on the cross. But it's remembering
that it's our actions throughout our lives and throughout the course of
history; that it's our sin,” says Rector George Muir.

Jonathan Robertson has
been a member of the church for close to 30 years. He hopes that people around
the world “remember the reason for the season. Why do we hunt Easter eggs,
why do we have an Easter celebration?”

But what's the goal of
this Holy week?

“We are preparing for
the happiest day of the year, but in order to get prepared for it we have to be
able to recognize his lost, his gift, and realize why we're the ones who got it
got it,” shares Ashley Wright. Wright has also been a member of St. Paul's
since childhood.

Rector Muir outlines the
Holy Week. “We begin in Holy week with Psalm Sunday as we hear the story
the first time. And then throughout the course of the week at our services we
remember and lead up to today and the crucifixion and ultimately to Easter day,”
he says.

Rector Muir adds, “it's
not just an Episcopal thing, it's not just a Christian observance today, but it
is really an understanding that we, as human beings, need to take

“This gift that has been given to us comes
with a price. We have to be the ones who, through our faith, show that we
recognize that we can be redeemed,” explains Wright.

St. Paul's Episcopal as
well as many other churches will continue Good Friday services throughout the
evening. On Easter morning churches around the CSRA will celebrate with sunrise
and morning services- including a service for the public at Jessye Norman Ampitheatre.

See a list of Easter services below:


Baptist Church – 6:00 AM

Missionary Baptist Church – 6:00 AM

Storm Branch Baptist Church – 6:30 AM

Paul's Episcopal Church- 7:00 AM

Memorial Gardens – 7:00 AM

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