Grovetown Residents Spend Easter at the Park

Grovetown Residents Spend Easter at the Park (Image 1)

Easter Sunday is the day Christians celebrate the return of Jesus Christ with multiple church services. But, Macedonia Church of Grovetown believes the meaning of Easter is more than just religion.

“It's about bringing families together. All families, ” explains Pastor Esais Merritt, of Macedonia Church of Grovetown.

Pastor Merritt and Macedonia Church of Grovetown host the annual Family Day at the Park each Easter Sunday after most services have ended.

And with food, music and games for all ages, the event reaches out to most of the Grovetown community.

“Community outreach is important to us because we realize that if we can't bring back the fabric of the family, if we can't solidify the family, then we're going to have a degrading society,” shares Pastor Merritt.

That's what prompted the creation of the church's non-profit outreach organization, Imago Dei in hopes of “building communities one family at a time,” Barbara Franklin, CEO Of Imago Dei Community Development, Inc adds.

In conjunction with the church, Imago Dei offers programs to help fight socioeconomic issues, teen pregnancies and family disagreements; programs Frances Baker, a military wife, believes in.

“We have no family here in town. So, it was nice to get out and be around many people celebrating today,” Baker explains.

Baker and her family have only been in the area for 7 months. That's why she feels programs like Family Day and Imago Dei are important coping tools.

She says, “you get to learn about your community and make contacts; socialize with different people, different walks of life.”

“You may have someone who lives next to you that you've never met. But we have fun day at the park, everyone comes together, you meet this person, next thing you know you're going out to dinner having fun,” adds Ryan Bennett, a Grovetown resident.

Exactly what organizers say the programs were designed to do.

To learn more about Macedonia Church of Grovetown or the services of Imago Dei community development, visit

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