Dairy Farm Still Struggling To Recover From Tornado

Dairy Farm Still Struggling To Recover From Tornado (Image 1)

Ginny Franks, owner of Southern Swiss Dairy says, “It was really bleak right then. We're so fortunate to have no cows killed under the barns, but that was just the initial analysis.”

Rubble, that's all that is left of concrete buildings and barns after last month's tornado ripped through the Southern Swiss Dairy Farm.

Ginny Franks' dairy farm suffered significant losses to her herd of cattle.

“We're still having some cattle problems and we'll probably endure that for another year with the pregnancies and stuff and milk production,” says Franks.

Mrs. Franks says a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure caused some of her cattle to give birth too soon due to stress- those calves didn't make it.

“The atmospheric pressure that comes through with a storm like this with a tornado and a hurricane that affect the reproduction of the cattle,” says Franks.

That means the cattle death toll has more than doubled since the storm hit 2 weeks ago-it's now up to 5.

These cows aren't just numbers to Franks. They have names, too. And last night one of the older cows died due to stress from the storm. Now an emotional Franks says the whole farm is in jeopardy.

“It's the future, I mean if we can make it this next year I think we'll be out in the clear. But it's just trying to make sure we can actually get that, ya know to that point,” says Franks.

Ever since the tornado hit each day has been harder than the last.

“Whenever you come and see who comes back in heat, who's lost a baby, who's sick, who's injuries are bleeding again, it's just…each day's a struggle in itself,” says Franks.

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