Greenbrier Soccer Coach Ready to Move On

Greenbrier Soccer Coach Ready to Move On (Image 1)

You may notice some new soccer players on Greenbrier's field. 

That's because, for the past two weeks, the junior varsity squad has been pulling the rank.

After weeks of talk, and 18 student athletes off of the team–Greenbrier's Soccer Coach, Chip Warren wants to forget about the past and focus only on the future. 10 of his players are now at the Columbia County Alternative School,  and now he wants to focus on the next game only.

Chip Warren explains, “Again, we're only discussing the future. That's what we came into this interview to do. We're here to discuss the future and not the past.

Courtney Elledge, reporting: “What is the future?”

The future is bright for Greenbrier. Tomorrow is our last region game and tournament that's what we're looking forward to.”

The Wolf pack will be facing Grovetown tomorrow in the regional tournament. The 10 students that are now in the alternative school will still get to take their honor classes, and their advanced placement exit exam. However, all 18 are not allowed back on campus or any event for the remaining school year. This means the four seniors will be missing their prom.

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