Paine College Needs Votes To Win National Contest For Campus Improvements

A local college is looking to the
community for help to make some major campus improvements – but it needs your
votes to make it happen.  Paine College
was one of 75 historical black colleges chosen for Home Depot's national
“ReTool Your School” contest. 
WJBF NewsChannel 6's Barclay Bishop has more.

There are three tiers of awards that the school can win.  One
of those is the $10,000 award which they would put towards their baseball
field.  School officials say they want to try and promote health in the
community.  They would build an interactive walkway around the ball field
that would have things like pull up and parallel bars, as well as a sit up
station.  If they were to win one of the two bigger awards – officials say
they'd have even bigger plans.

“The $50,000 award project
would be to enhance the cedar grove cemetery,” said Geno Clark, Director of
Sponsored Programs at Paine College. 
“And then our $25,000 project is to establish a playground between the
chapel and the baseball field to help our community.”

The Cedar Grove Cemetery is where
alumni from the late 1800's and early 1900's are buried.  In addition to
making the campus look better – officials say they think it could help tourism
for the city for those who want to see the historic cemetery.

“The history of Augusta is
not just the history of the white community it's the history of the black
community also – the two are inseparable.  And so little is known about the
extraordinary people who are buried there and we just want to promote that,”
said Robert Jones, Assistant Professor of History at Paine College.

“We really want this to go
forward so that we can actually do better than what we are doing now. And that's
one way of doing it, yeah, vote for the school, that's our big aim,” said
Audie Holmes, Assistant Professor of History at Paine College.

You can vote once per day, every day, through April 15th. To
vote go to:

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