Pet Rescue Ordinance Still Not City Law

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

Augusta commissioners said yes to giving dogs left in cars a break— but as of right now it's still not city law.

  The proposed change in Augusta's city code would allow animal services workers to break a window to rescue a pet left in a hot car.

Commissioners approved last August making the change and having the ordinance reviewed by the  Law Department.

The ordinance said the workers or deputies could take the action once the temperature topped 85 degrees.

It's April and hot weather is just around the corner.

But the ordinance is not in affect.

And pet some owners say the ordinance change needs to be put on the books and enforced.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, it needs to be something needs to be done like I said you can't leave your dog in the car like you would leave a child in the car you can't do it,” said dog owner Jim Pendleton.

“The Animal Services Departments says the hold-up is in having the city Law Department review the ordinance.

That process started in October.

   The city is also waiting for the Sheriff's Office and Fire Department to sign off on the change

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