Waynesboro Citizens Asking Questions About Current Top Cop

Waynesboro Citizens Asking Questions About Current Top Cop (Image 1)

Waynesboro has been searching for nearly 2 months since former chief Alfonzo Williams stepped down to become the top cop for the Richmond County Board of Education.

During the last Waynesboro City Council Meeting, a citizen informed city leaders about a transaction that happened on a government auction website. The documents appear to show that Acting Police Chief Rosey Lodge purchased several appliances for personal use. However, the receipt shows that Lodge may have billed the items to the city of Waynesboro.

At Monday night's Waynesboro City Council meeting, several citizens had questions for Acting Police Chief Rosey Lodge… however, Lodge wasn't at the meeting to answer those questions.

Instead, in executive session, the city council discussed the transaction that some say Lodge  took part in… where he reportedly purchased 8 kitchen stoves from a government auction site.

When the council returned from executive session, they said no disciplinary action would be taken against the current top cop

“That's right. City council has ordered me to send out a memo to all department heads to let them notify their employees in their department. That any type of purchases on city accounts should never be done and used for personal purposes,” says City Administrator Jerry Coalson.

Councilwoman Brenda Lewis says that the situation has been blown out of proportion. She says there is no need to target one city employee when there would be other city employees also using the government website.

“There were items that were purchased, but like I said, it was not used with the city of Waynesboro money. It was paid for out of his own account and as far as I'm concerned, he didn't do anything wrong. There was no intent to hurt the city in any way,” says Councilwoman Brenda Lewis.

Coalson says that anyone can sign up for the government auction website… and those who do can bid and make purchases. But he says using a government account is no-no… that's why they are letting their employees know not to do it.

“We have seen where government online auction sites have been utilized, and what we will do is limit those as well. Say no more of those. They will have to turn in their passwords and user names so that we can monitor that in the future,” says Coalson.

We gave Chief Deputy Rosey Lodge a call about this situation. He tells us he did purchase the items, but he says he did so on his own account.

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