Allendale Pastor Facing Molestation Charges

Allendale Pastor Facing Molestation Charges (Image 1)

Allendale, South Carolina is somewhat of a sleepy little town.  But, it has been shaken awake by some serious accusations.

Karessia Stevenson says, ” I think it's so sad because he's a grown man and he should know better.”

She's talking about the allegations against Bishop Bobby Jones, Senior. According to his arrest warrant, the 54-year-old minister is accused of engaging in a sexual act with a 14 year old girl in January. He wasn't arrested until this week.

At his church, Life House of Love, no one was on the property. A search for reaction in the small town only yielded overwhelming support for a man who has brought souls to God, but has now been brought before the law.

Raymond Priester, Senior says, “only thing I could say is he's a really good man. All the rest of the stuff going on if he say he done it, he done it. If he say he didn't I believe him.”

Camille Williams added, “I know his wife, I know his children so I'm really shocked. Have you known him a long time? Not too long but what I know about him is good.”

Bishop Bobby Jones, Senior was arrested, booked and is out on bond.

We will continue to follow this story and provide the latest information as it becomes available.

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