Commission KO’s CADI

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

It's the final nail for the downtown CADI cleanup program.

Augusta commissioners voting deliver a knock out blow to  re-start the CADI  program after ending it in December.

Supporters made a last ditch effort Tuesday  to bring back CADI saying downtown is not as clean without the crews.

But property owners who paid the bills spoke out against CADI saying the 350 thousand dollar program was a waste, and needed to be over. 

“From what legal counsel said tonight CADI does not exist they did nothing to renew CADI tonight so it still doesn't exist I hope it doesn't come back,” said downtown business owner Mike Walraven,

Walraven was clear why he does not support the program.

“We don't need it CADI is not needed” he said.

In December  CADI received the  support of  52 percent of the property owners downtown, and supporters believed commissioners should have allowed CADI to make a comeback.

“I think those of us who were for CADI need some input from the people who were against it and I would challenge them to step up and try and help us do something instead of fight to tear things down,” said CADI Board member Natalie McLeod.

The no vote means supporters will have to start from scratch to recreate the Downtown Business District that was used to fund the CADI program.

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