Golden Apple: Deborah Rashada

It may look like these Langford Middle Schoolers are doodling on their desk for no good reason, but teacher Deborah Rashada says it serves a strong purpose.

“When I did this with my kids the first time, they loved it. It was 100-percent engagement.  I plan to use it more often,: she says.

These students are engaged because they're very interested in what Ms. Rashada is saying and teaching.

She tells us,
“I think because I respect my students and they know I mean what I say and I say what I mean and they respect me as well.”

That's a great approach for a group that is transitioning from childhood into young adulthood.

“I think patience is number one, being patient with them.  Understanding that all children learn at their own pace. And sometimes it takes a little longer to process the information.  Trying to fill in the gaps. Because that can also hold kids up from going to the next step in Math.   If they didn't understand something before, then they can't go to the next step with a clear understanding.  So sometimes I just let them just tell me what's the problem, or watch them and I can see and try to clear it up for them.”


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