Legal Journal Article Blasts Augusta City Department

Legal Journal Article Blasts Augusta City Department (Image 1)

Augusta's Procurement Department is being ripped in a newly published legal journal article.

The highly detailed report written by Augusta attorney Robert Mullins and published in the Public Contract Law Journal blasts the city's Purchasing Department and says reform is needed to prevent on-going discrimination against bidders.

Community watchdog Woody Merry has presented the report to Mayor and Commissioners and says city leaders need to respond with a plan of action within 30 days.

“It wouldn't have gone to press if it wasn't air-tight. We would not be going forward with it, demanding the city move forward if it wasn't air-tight. We've got a team of lawyers and were very prepared for what happens,” says Merry of the group CSRA Help.

But, Commissioner Marion Williams doesn't feel obligated to respond to Attorney Robert Mullins article.

“I don't think so because a lawyer said that, I mean a lawyer…that's his job. He's probably making money off of Woody Merry or somebody. He's a lawyer, he's doing what a lawyer does. I'm a Commissioner, I'm doing what a Commissioner does,” says Williams.

Williams says he did get a copy of the article, but disregarded it.

“I didn't look at it at all when I found where it came from, I put it right in the garbage,” Williams said.

Attorney Robert Mullins says he hopes the article brings to light the issues in the Procurement Department and the need for reforms.

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