Seasonal Allergies Linked To Food Allergies

Seasonal Allergies Linked To Food Allergies (Image 1)

Anthony Bonitatibus, MD of Augusta Allergy and Asthma says, “If you have a
tendency to be allergic you have a tendency to be allergic. We call it the A
topic personality. So if somebody is prone to food allergies they're certainly
going to be more prone to seasonal allergies as well.”

Doctor Anthony Bonitatibus
says there are some known links to food allergies and season allergies.

Cross-reactivity pairings
like birch trees and apples are called oral allergy syndrome or fruit pollen

“Where people who are
allergic to birch trees might have specific problems eating fresh fruits like
apple or fresh carrots or certain tree nuts. People with ragweed allergy might
have problems with melons or cantaloupes,” said Bonitatibus.

Bonitatibus classifies
most symptoms as mild.

But that still doesn't
make them enjoyable.

“Like an itchy mouth
or tongue, maybe a little bit of itching in the throat. Ultimately, if you are
having those symptoms the best thing is not to eat that food. Then you won't
have those symptoms at all,” said Bonitatibus.

Dr. Bonitatibus says there
are tricks to make it more tolerable include heating an apple to break down the
structure of the apple.

That means you may be able
to eat apple pie but not fresh apples.

Bonitatibus says not to
let your allergies bother you, whether they are seasonal or food-related.

“I recommend people
manage their allergies so they can have a normal lifestyle. We could lock
everybody inside during pollen season. That wouldn't be very fun,” said Bonitatibus.

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