Azaleas To Be In Full Bloom Masters Week

There's some good news
this year when it comes to beautiful sites to see during Masters Week.  Experts say the azaleas will be in full bloom
– just in time for the thousands who will be visiting from all over the
world.  Unlike years past, the recent
cold snap the Garden City received has kept the flowers from blooming all the

“Everything was about
three to four weeks earlier than normal, and it's probably a week or so later
than normal this year.  This cool
weather, they just stay tight in their buds, and then when it warms up, they
pop open like they are now so it's going to be really nice this year,” said
Suzanne Holmes, Horticulture Program Assistant for the UGA-Richmond County
Extension Office.

Holmes says it's been
about three years since the azaleas have hit their peak just in time for the

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