Sales Tax Collections Drop, Is T-SPLOST To Blame

We're paying more sales taxes now in Augusta but the city is seeing less money rolling in.

Sales tax collections in fell February were down by nearly 5 percent in Augusta compared to last year.

That adds up to almost 150 thousand dollars in less revenue to the city.

Some believe the additional transportation sales tax that started in January is running shoppers out of Augusta to South Carolina. 

“I don't buy that at all, if you look at national trends and statistics that's generally not the case so no I'm not buying that,” says Mayor Deke Copenhaver.

“You don't think people are leaving Augusta to go to North Augusta to shop?”

“I do not,” says Mayor  Copenhaver.

Because of a new state law Augusta's manufacturers are not paying city sales taxes on the energy they buy, that was expected to cost the city about $300 thousand dollars this year in lost revenue.

But city budget writers now say it could be more.

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