Before Masters Week Comes “Hell Week”

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Before Masters week, comes “Hell week.”

“There will be screaming and yelling, and there was a little bit of an outburst at dinner,” says Dawn Jeffers, a mom preparing her home for Masters week.

“It's hell on Friday,” says her husband Jerry.

“I believe Hell is a lot worse, but this is pretty darn close to it,” says their daughter Grace.

So, there are two parents and three kids putting each little thing, and each other in order.

“We crack the whip different times,” says Jerry.  “She cracks it on me, I crack it on the kids. The closer it gets, the intensity level rises, things starts breaking, dirt starts rising to the top, and it just gets pretty crazy,” he says.

He's not kidding about things breaking.

“A table breaks, a major appliance breaks, last year the washing machine, this year the oven, every year, the week of,” says Dawn.

They're sleeping in sleeping bags to not mess up the beds and one by one five people are down to one bathroom.

There's also cleaning.

“I've definitely consumed an unhealthy amount of Windex this week,” says son Hunter.

They also clean closets, and during the day go to class.

“You go into school with your hands still wrinkled, it's intense, and sort of almost a daze, as you walk through school,” says Hunter.

Most outbursts are kept online.

“I tweeted, 'If you mess anything up you will be drug out into the street and shot,'” he says.

“This morning I was just going to send an email to all my friends that do it,” Dawn says, “and say, 'I know you're in crazy week, I hope it's going well, I know you won't read this until after Masters.'”

Oh yes, after Masters:

“We come in Sunday afternoon and the house is so clean and we enjoy the Masters together as a family, that is truly one of our favorite days,” says Dawn.

Or make that favorite few minutes:

“The five minutes the house is clean when you come back is the best five minutes of homelife,” says Jerry, “after that you have 354 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes.”

He's only kidding, they all agree that Sunday is the Jeffers little slice of heaven.

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