Training College Students For Police Work

Man Wanted After Police Chase Starts In Harlem, Ends In McDuffie County (Image 1)

Most people like to think they work hard and that their jobs are important. And they are, but one of the most important is safeguarding our communities. News Channel 6's Ashley Bridges tells about some young men who are overnight firefighters training to be public safety officers, ad they are definitely up to the task.

Work an 8 hour day? How about 12? Listen to what Colin Bailey has to do: “I got to school until 2, I come here at 4, I work until 7:30 in the morning, I go to school the next morning, so when I come home, I'm worn out.”

He says home, but Colin practically lives here–at North Augusta Public Safety.  During his free time, he rides along to train with NADPS.  But he's not complaining. He says he feels good and accomplished that he's getting out and helping other people. He says, he even though he's tired, he is able to get past that.

Bailey is only 20, but after he gets past that he may get a job.  The officer he's riding along with has been in the same seat and was hired after training.  He says it's a calling.

“You're kind of born with a passion to do something like this”

The training costs tax payers nothing. We spoke with Lieutenant Lamb who wanted to clear some things up.

He says, “Riding along they get a good idea of what the job is and not what is on TV. It's very important, it sometimes comes down to life or death in certain situations, and they need to know they can make those decisions.”

Lieutenant Lamb says he started training before joining the force 20 years ago.  As for Bailey, he's getting good training especially when it comes to the hard work.

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