Another Juvenile Corrections Officer from Georgia DJJ Arrested

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The Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, Avery D. Niles, has announced that Polk County Sheriff's Deputies have arrested another juvenile corrections officer.

Deputies say Craig Banks was arrested on felony drug charges. Commissioner Niles says the arrest was made after a two-year sting operation that targeted Banks for allegedly selling marijuana.

Banks was taken into custody Thursday afternoon and booked in the Polk County jail.


Commissioner Niles made a statement and says, “This officer has been with the department for nearly ten years. But regardless of employee seniority, rank or position, those who break our laws and those who violate our policies will continue to face serious consequences and DJJ will continue to cooperate with prosecuting authorities. I gave clear warning of this when I was appointed Commissioner.”

Following the arrest, the DJJ Commissioner announced he would order
immediate administrative action for the suspension of Banks from all

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