Salvation Army Needs 30 Cars in 30 Days

The Salvation Army of Augusta is in desperate need of donations for the organization's auto auction scheduled for June 1st. Proceeds from the auction directly support social services for those in need in the Greater Augusta Area, specifically the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation program. That's a 9-month residential treatment program offered free of charge and serving over 80 individuals every year.

Currently, only 10 vehicles have been donated for the June auction. In order to hold the June auction, 30 more cars, trucks, boats, RVs, or scooters must be donated. The organization faults the economy and the increased demand for used vehicles for the drop in donations.

“We understand that times are tough for a lot of people,” says Captain Tony Perez, “even more so for those with a substance abuse problem and that's where we come in. This program saves lives.”

If the organization cannot collect enough vehicles within the next 30 days, the auction may have to be cancelled. A loss of revenue in the summer will stretch the organization's ability to continue admitting men for rehabilitation.

If you have a used vehicle to donate, call the auction coordinator at (706) 826-7933. This year, each person who donates a vehicle will receive a free 3-month Individual Gold Membership to Kroc Center. Donations are tax-deductible and free pick up is available. Visit Salvation Army/Auto Auction for more information or to register online.

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