Several Masters Patrons May Have Been Scammed

Several Masters Patrons May Have Been Scammed (Image 1)

Not all of the folks arriving for the Masters tournament are getting everything
they say they were promised. Here's a warning about a possible scam involving travel
packages for the Masters.

most of the people who come to The Masters are from out of town, they book
their rooms and purchase their badges on the internet. But at least a dozen out-of-towners may
have been ripped-off… spending thousands of dollars on hotel rooms and badges
that don't exist.

The management at the Augusta
Marriott says a dozen people have called the hotel, trying to confirm
reservations that don't exist. General Manager Darryl Leech says the callers
told Marriott staff that they booked their stay through the website Leech says the Marriott has nothing to do with that
website. We asked the Richmond County Sheriff's Office if any travelers had
filed a complaint yet.

“What happens with a situation
like this is we won't find out about till right when it happens. For example,
when the tourist comes in and goes to check in, boom, that's when they are
going to learn. So it's a large possibility we might receive some of those
calls this weekend,” says Sgt. Michael

The Marriott says that one caller
said he purchased 30 Masters packages from the website for $110,000. The customer told hotel staff that the packages included a hotel room
and a badge to the tournament. We went to, but the
website seems to be down.

We looked up the
whois registration information for the owner of, but that
information was made private. So we called the web hosting company and they
told us they could only give us the owner's information if we had a court

Marriott staff says they are
concerned people will show up expecting to have a room. If that happens, the
best thing to do is to file a police report.

“More than likely the
incident occurred in another state, in another jurisdiction, but they can file
a report here, what we call a miscellaneous report. Which is going to show that
they are who they are. This is them, this is their name, their date of birth,
their social security number. It's going to confirm that they were here, they
came here, and fell victim here to something that happened in another
state,” says McDaniel.

McDaniel says that they do see a lot of credit card and
checking account fraud during this time of year. He says
the best thing for people to do is to always monitor their accounts.

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