Georgia Lawmakers Push for Education Reform

Georgia Lawmakers Push for Education Reform (Image 1)
Georgia Lawmakers Push for Education Reform (Image 1)

More college students in Georgia could qualify for the HOPE scholarship.

Georgia lawmakers lowered GPA requirements at this year's legislative session.

Legislators also changed the state's education policy when it comes to evaluating teachers.

Lawmakers want a standardized policy to rank teachers based on their students' performance.

The bill is still under review by Governor Nathan Deal.

A bill that would let parents and teachers try to convert failing public schools into charter schools stalled, as did an attempt to change state curriculum standards.

Parents in the peach state will also get a better look at how their
kids are performing in schools.

The Department of Education will roll out a new grading system.

That system won't just look at standardized test scores — but
will also review the school's graduation rates and attendance.

The changes are part of Georgia' waiver from the No Child Left
Behind standards.

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