Hospitality Suite Parking Problems

Hospitality Suite Parking Problems (Image 1)

Many of you may have ended up in Masters traffic this morning. A lot of people don't have to leave home to deal with the influx of cars.  The vehicles end up in their yards and blocking driveways. WJBF News Channel Six's Dee Griffin spoke with a neighbor who wakes up to the Masters mayhem of cars.

As Melina Coates cuts back trees along her family's Magnolia Drive property.. she's thinking of ways to trim a growing problem along their normally quiet street. “It's crazy we're starting to feel like we're trapped in the house,” says Coates. They are trapped by the Masters Tournament patrons who forgo paying money to park instead scoring free spots in front of local homes and the hospitality houses.

It makes things easier for people walking to the golf course, but, poses big problems for neighbors. “As you can see we already have a couple of cars parked in front of our property and they're not staying at our house,” Coates explains.

The area has gotten so congested by cars putting a squeeze on delivery trucks and emergency vehicles. There are “no parking” signs at several corners in the neighborhood. Since that's not working, neighbors are considering their own signs to push parkers elsewhere. “I'm going to have to put signs up starting today and probably block off our driveway so that we can get in and out when we attempt to leave our neighborhood.”

It's only the beginning of Master's week.. Already neighbors are looking forward to its end. Coates says, “my brother has a hard time getting to work every year during the Masters because they're constantly closing off new roads. I know getting to the grocery store is going to be impossible starting tomorrow and we're what five minutes away.”

Neighbors are encouraged to call police if the parking problems continue.

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