Small Quake Shakes CSRA

Think earthquake:  You think shaking, things falling off shelves.

“I didn't hear nothing,” says resident Marsha Mooney. “I didn't know anything until you came up, but I haven't seen anything.”

“I didn't hear nothing about it, you say it happened, I suppose it happened,” adds Brian Sparks.

So, this wasn't the earthquake felt across the CSRA, but it did still register as seismic activity.  With power plants and nuclear sites, that has some people curious about safety.  Just because you don't see a difference in your backyard doesn't mean there isn't an impact.

“[Strom Thurmond dam” has enough concrete to pave a sidewalk from here to California,” says Army Corps of Engineers plant manage Matthew Rorick.  “There are parts not seen by the human eye and we take readings daily for seismic activity.”

The dam is a mile long, controlling a lot of water and making it possible to produce a lot of power; that's why experts with the corps say it's best to stay on top of safety:

“People hear seismic event and they think, 'What if the dam fell?.'  Dam safety isn't about one seismic event, it's preparing for the seismic event if there were a true earthquake here.”

To trigger a full scale inspection takes a 3.5 magnitude-; they're ready to react, but happy they haven't had to.  They have not registered seismic activity of a 3.5 magnitude since the dam opened in 1954.

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